Our Logo

Some have asked why our logo includes the image of a feather.  We think it’s appropriate for several reasons:

First, a substantial portion of our job is made up of interviewing mas practitioners and scholars, and writing about what we’ve found.  So, part of that symbol is the idea that we’re recording, or as we say in our mission statement, “preserving” mas as it has been played.

Additionally, the feather is a reminder of the craft that goes into mas work.  Many are familiar with the traditions of wire bending, papier mâché, and bead work.  Feathers have always been an integral part of many costumes, from Fancy Indian mas to traditional Pierrots.

Beyond this, the traditions of Festival Drama in the Caribbean find their origins from a variety of cultures, and have spread throughout the Caribbean and the wider cultural diaspora, not unlike feathers caught in the trade winds that have so thoroughly shaped the region.