Support TMA

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Traditional Mas Archive.  There are four major ways in which you can be of assistance to us.

1.  Submit Mas information, interviews, and the contact information for primary source performers via our CONTACT page.  We have researchers currently in Trinidad & Tobago, and New York City able to meet with performers to document their thoughts and approach to performance and general experience of Festival Drama and Mas Work in the Caribbean Region.

2.  Spread the word to your friends and family.  Visit the site often, and tell us how to improve it.  Your suggestions and web traffic drive our rankings higher, which will in turn lead to additional editors, accuracy, funding, and profiles.

3.  Link to us from your own webpage.  Simply including a link to on your website will allow us to increase our search rankings and make this researched and verified information and media more present than other inaccurate information that is out there. 

4.  Financially contribute to the Archive to support its continued work.  The Traditional Mas Archive is a completely free resource, and we’ll keep it that way. That being said, all operating costs are assumed by the archive. These include, but are not limited to:

-Online website hosting and development fees
-Cameras, lenses, and field recorders
-Maintenance and repairs on equipment
-Travel fees in the Caribbean and abroad for research
-Payment, whenever possible, to contributing artists

Please use the contact form to express your interest in funding TMA.

Again, thank you!